Rc hydraulic bulldozer 1/14

Short description of the product is being updated ...

Material: body main zinc alloy, aluminum alloy, driving walking parts 45 steel, hydraulic pump chrome steel

Features: The door can be manually closed and opened. The exhaust pipe has a rain cover for movement. The simulated swing arm type wheel can better contact the ground to generate grip. It is equipped with a ripper to simulate a harder ground. The dozer blade can be tilted.

Length: 685MM

Width: 351MM bucket at the widest point

Track outer edge width: 228MM

High: 323MM roll cage

Remote control: Ledi AT9 2.4G remote control, using 8 5th battery or 3S lithium battery (please confirm positive and negative when connecting)

Power supply voltage: 12V, using 3S lithium battery (length 140mm wide 45MM high 40MM size)

Power-on sequence: 1 Please turn on the remote control first, 2 Connect the model main power supply 3 Wait 5 seconds and hear the ESC confirmation tone to operate

Sound system: standard belt, no need to buy separately.

Lighting system: no standard, need to be purchased separately.

Hydraulic pump: flow rate 0.8L/MIN, rated pressure 2.5MPA limit pressure 5Mpa.

Directional valve: 4-way with a medium return oil plug type directional control valve.

Lighting system: need to be purchased separately (no installation service)

Control System